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Taylor Swift's birth chart: What do the stars say about her?

Swift has sung about being a fire sign, but there's more to the story.

Taylor Swift was born in 1989, as she wrote in the prologue to her album "1989." But there's a lot more to the story of Taylor Swift, including from an astrological point of view.

Swift's birthday is Dec. 13, making her a Sagittarius sun, which she appears to reference in her song "The Archer." But how about her "big three" and her "big six," astrological profiles that include a person's moon, rising, Mercury, Venus and Mars signs?

Based on her birthday and place of birth — Reading, Pennsylvania — we're able to glean a lot from her chart. However, since her birth time is unknown, her rising sign is unknown. Below, find what we do know.

Sagittarius sun 

Thank Swift's sun in Sagittarius for her bold streak. As the focal point of an astrology chart, the sun indicates one’s identity, personality, desires, and goals in life.

Given her placement of sun in Sagittarius, Taylor Swift is expected to be jovial, daring, and determined — all with a playful wink.

The constellation Sagittarius is positioned at the entrance to the Milky Way and is the only zodiac sign represented with a weapon, the bow and arrow. Like other Sagittarians, Swift may be one to unapologetically defend others and herself.

The planet Jupiter, which governs expansion, rules the sun in Sagittarius. Swift, like other Sagittarians, wants more — making her comfortable with adventure and self-expression.

Cancer Moon 

The moon in astrology represents our innermost feelings and sentiments.

When the moon is in the moody, intuitive water sign Cancer, as it is for Swift, this creates a person concerned with creating a feeling of home. Swift wants to feel surrounded by people who allow her to embrace her true self. In turn, she encourages them to embrace themselves.

These people tend to be nurturing and kind when you meet them on a one-on-one basis. People with this placement are also in tune with their emotions (see: every song Swift has written).

Note that Swift's natal Jupiter is in Cancer and is conjunct — or close — to her moon sign. This placement adds superpowers to her moon in Cancer, making it face outward instead of inward. The result? She shows the world who she is, over and over.

Mercury in Capricorn 

Mercury is the planet of communication. If your Mercury is in Capricorn, like Swift's is, you tell it like it is — but with a purpose.

Swift doesn't hedge her opinions to make others feel comfortable and she isn't afraid of confrontation, thanks to the opposition of her Mercury to Jupiter in her chart. But she is mindful of the power of words and avoids using them to hurt others. She'll see the big picture before diving into a debate (and she'll win it every time).

Mercury in Capricorn is intellectually curious and open to new perspectives, which helps her broaden her horizons.

Venus in Aquarius 

Venus is the planet that governs love and romance, as well as the social norms and etiquettes we follow in society.

Venus in Aquarius reflects a desire to find a partner who is also a best friend, and someone who can stimulate you intellectually and emotionally. Swift values a sense of humor, thought-provoking conversations and the ability to push beyond her limits. Her Venus is not bound by a specific type or external appearance, as she is more attracted to a person’s inner qualities and character.

Mars in Scorpio 

Mars in Scorpio is a potent placement. Mars represents action and desire, and when it’s in Scorpio, the planet's qualities go on hyperdrive. Think: Very productive person.

This placement can explain how Swift produces so much music and tours with so much energy. Mars in Scorpio also reveals her underlying drive to be successful. Won’t stop, can’t stop.

Jupiter in Cancer 

Jupiter is fortunate when in the sign Cancer since this is considered the planet’s exalted spot. It's considered a lucky placement, denoting a person who steps in sync with the universe.

Saturn in Capricorn 

Saturn is the planet of responsibility and limits; Capricorn is an Earth sign that gets the job done. Put them together, and you get a resilient, committed, responsible person with excellent follow though.

Her Mercury’s alignment with Saturn, as well as its opposition to her Moon and Jupiter, give her a sense of ease in relationships. This configuration allows her to form lasting connections and maintain them over time. Hence, Swift’s girl squad and besties that have been in her life for years.