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Michael Bublé reveals the promise he made himself amid son’s cancer diagnosis

The actor and wife Luisana Lopilato's son, Noah, was diagnosed with liver cancer in November 2016 when he was 3.
/ Source: TODAY

Michael Bublé says he will never be carefree again after his son’s cancer diagnosis.

In a new interview on “The Diary of a CEO,” the singer reflected on the moment he found out his and wife Luisana Lopilato’s son, Noah, was diagnosed with liver cancer in late 2016. At that time, he said, he made a promise to himself.

“My son’s cancer diagnosis rocked my world and pulled the curtain from over my eyes,” he said. “I don’t think that I had context and that was the sledgehammer to my reality. And I will never be carefree again in my life. And that's OK. It is a privilege for me to exist."

Noah, now 10 and in remission, was just 3 years old when he got his cancer diagnosis.

Bublé said that when they received the news, he was going through “a crisis.”

“I don’t think I had my priorities straight,” he said. “Blinders, career, ambition. How do I become the baddest, biggest, best? You know? More ego, more power, more money, more.”

When the diagnosis was revealed, reality hit him and “in that moment. I went, ‘OK, this is life. This is it. This is what’s important.’”

“There was no time to process it,” he added.

The “Feeling Good” singer then recalled being at the children’s hospital and making a promise to himself.

“I remember, I closed my eyes and saying to myself, ‘If we get out of this, I am living a different life. A better life,’” he said. “I want to be kinder, I want to be more empathetic. I don’t ever want to allow that ego and false self to take over. I want to know how lucky I am.” 

Noah celebrated his 10th birthday in August with Bublé sharing a video montage of his son’s life over the years.

“Noah, mi amor, 10 years!!! What?? It went so fast, you don’t even know how much we love you,” he wrote on Instagram. “Thank you for teaching us how to be parents and for all the memories we have and will make together!!!”

Bublé and Lopilato are also parents to son Elias, 7, daughter Vida, 5, and daughter Cielo, 1.

In September 2022, Bublé opened up about balancing his career and fatherhood.

“I think I’m not loving it as much. I think I’m getting close to thinking maybe I can just go and be a dad,” the “It’s a Beautiful Day” singer said on “That Gaby Roslin Podcast" about not having the same passion for music he once had.

“I have this picture in my head of just me in a field with my kids and Ed Sheeran’s kids and we’re just hugging each other and picnicking and getting drunk,” he said with a laugh, adding, “I’m just messing with you,” about the Sheeran part of his dream.