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Korean holiday recipes: Braised short ribs and cheesy egg bread

Chef Danny Lee's galbi-jjim will be the centerpiece of your holiday table.
/ Source: TODAY

Chef and restaurateur Danny Lee is visiting the TODAY kitchen to share two of his favorite Korean holiday dishes. He shows us how to prepare tender braised short ribs (aka galbi-jjim) and easy, cheesy egg bread (aka gyeran-ppang) with maple and bacon.

Even though this recipe still takes a couple hours, by using boneless short ribs the cooking time is drastically reduced than the typical preparation which uses bone-in short ribs. The result is just as rich and comforting and provides a nourishing warmth to a holiday dinner table. Being Korean American, I cannot think of another dish that epitomizes my upbringing — a classic Korean braised beef dish that also fits in with the motif of traditional American holiday cuisine.

Gyeran-ppang (Korean Egg Bread)

Korean street food is legendary, and this bread is one of the most iconic dishes of that genre. Typically made on cast iron molds and baked in outdoor ovens, my version shapes the bread more like a muffin, and the bacon adds a bit of salt to balance out the sweetness of the bread. I also created this recipe for the typical home cook. Standard pancake mix can be found in most homes and generally goes to waste, which is why this recipe can be made easily with no fuss.

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