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The funniest parents of 2023

After all, parents deserve the last laugh.
Funniest dad posts
TODAY Illustration / @thedad via Instagram

Can't stand making buttered pasta for the 1,472nd time? Exhausted from seven years of middle-of-the-night wakeups? Out of clever responses for in-laws who love to dig for info about adding a "new addition" to the family?

Parents, sometimes you just need a laugh.

These are some of our favorite parent humor accounts from 2023. So grab your phone, hide from your family and enjoy.

That time the school nurse sent your perfectly healthy child home because she "looked tired."

What? This is my "approachable" look.

"Hiiiiiiiiighway to the danger zone..."

"It's time to put on your seatbelt! Put on your seatbelt please! Hon, you need to buckle up. No, we can't start moving until she puts her seatbelt on. We're going to be late, so let's do our job. Put ... your seatbelt ... on ... NOW!"

This is why moms buy their own presents.

Mom, how dare you spend 15 seconds doing anything other than paying full attention to your child?

There's just no winning with 4-year-olds.

Even giving your toddler 53 choices isn't enough.

Has anyone figured out a way to make more than one child happy at the same time? If so, please share.

Do as I say, not as I do.

The sweet smell of a summer of neglect.

These moments are the real Sunday scaries...

No rest for the weary!

I can't reinvent the wheel, kid. (Which is a thing a not-cool person would say.)

By Memorial Day, all parents have given up. Let's just hope there's something edible in there.

Screentime sounds really good about now.

If you know, you know.

Imagine how much work it would take to actually excel.

A parent can dream, right?

...or maybe just get some stronger locks.

Cleaning the house is a losing battle.